Translation by Julian Lowenfeld
Пред испанкой благородной

* * *

Пред испанкой благородной
Двое рыцарей стоят
Оба смело и свободно
В очи прямо ей глядят.
Блещут оба красотою,
Оба сердцем горячи,
Оба мощною рукою
Оперлися на мечи.

Жизнь им она дороже
И, как слава, им мила:
Но один ей мил – кого же
Дева сердцем избрала?
“Кто, реши, любим тобою?”
Оба деве говорят
И с надеждой молодою
В очи прямо ей глядят.
By a noble señorita

* * *

By a noble señorita,
Spanish beauty, stand two knights,
Both are daring, both are freely
Looking straight into her eyes.
Both with handsomeness are gleaming,
Bright of mind, of fiery hearts,
Both of them alertly leaning
With strong hands upon their swords.

Dearer than their lives they prize her,
Bright as glory shines her star,
But just one her heart replies to:
Who has won this maiden’s heart?
“Who, decide, is your beloved?”
To the maiden say both knights,
Standing both with hopes so young and
Looking straight into her eyes.