Shows / Выступления

Date City Venue Details
2011-06-25 New York JetЛАГ Festival Solo show of Pushkin and Vysotsky songs
2011-05-22 Seattle Seattle Public Library

Central Branch (Downtown) 1000 Fourth Ave., Level 1, Microsoft Auditorium
Pushkin and Vysotsky songs with English explanation / context.

Joined by full band - Kai Strandskov, Leon Pozen, Sergey Prozhogin, Stas Pugach, Svetlana Shofman
2011-05-04 Seattle The Summit Anya Vasilevskaya's translations and arrangements of Matti Caspi's songs
2011-03-05 Seattle UW Ethnic Cultural Center Concert with Leon Pozen
2011-02-24 Vancouver, Canada House concert Concert with Leon Pozen
2011-01-29 Portland Tigard United Methodist Church Concert with Leon Pozen
2010-10-24 Seattle The Rendezvous With Julie Baldridge. Opening for:
  The Leathers / Dante Lasalle
  Buster Blue
  Erin McNally Quartet
2010-10-12 Athens, Ohio Ohio University Russian Department Russian songs for students of Russian language
2010-11-27 Seattle Cafe Poloma At Peter Lippman's "Muhabbet" cabaret. Original songs in English and Russian. Video: "Requited"
2010-09-12 Seattle The Vera Project Opening for Buster Blue and Jason Webley
2010-06-26 Seattle Washington state слёт любителей авторской песни "Блин" Пушкин - Зимняя Дорога (First performance of this song)
2010-06-19 New York JetЛАГ Festival Mix of Russian and English songs
2010-04-21 Kiev, Ukraine Клуб авторской песни "Арсенал" Solo concert of Russian and English songs for KSP club in Kiev
2010-04-10 Sumy, Ukraine фестиваль авторской песни "Булат" Лауреат «Автор музыки»
2009-07-01 Seattle The Sunset Trip Audrey show
2009-06-26 New York JetЛАГ Festival Video: Не дай мне Бог сойти с ума
2009-06-12 Seattle Josephine Opened for Псой Короленко (Psoy Korolenko)
Mixed Russian and English songs for mixed audience
2008-10-31 Moscow, Russia Квартира 44 на Полянке Concert of Russian/Odessa songs with Оркестр Klezmasters
2008-10-28 Moscow, Russia Кафе клуб Билингва / bilingua Solo concert in Russian and English with PowerPoint translations
2010-10-12 Kiev, Ukraine Клуб авторской песни "Арсенал" Solo concert of Russian and English songs for KSP club in Kiev
2010-10-09 Kiev, Ukraine Клуб авторской песни "Арсенал" Short set opening for Александр Медведенко
2008-10-03 Yalta, Ukraine фестиваль авторской песни "Осенняя Ялта" Festival of Russian bard songs. First performances of Pushkin songs.
2008-09-24 Moscow, Russia Проект ОГИ Short set opening for Псой Короленко (Psoy Korolenko)